The “HeloBubbas” is an outgrowth of the moderator’s original outlook email label list from the 1990s which migrated into the more original/more formal Naval Message Board E-Mail List on Yahoo Groups into the current HeloBubbas list hosted at www.helobubbas.com .

The “Naval Message Board” was a small group of retired and former Naval Officers who were Naval Aviators with rotary wing roots, which began in the 1990s and has expanded over the years to include members from a cross section of sister service former and retired officers (Marine Corps, Air Force & Army), including allied foreign services from a variety of warfare communities. The “HeloBubbas” will continue its history of being open to all warfare communities, including our sister services and foreign allies.

The “HeloBubbas” offers the opportunity for list members to comment using helobubbas@helobubbas.com about topical materials shared on the “HeloBubbas E-Mail List” by the list members or not.  Although some of the material is contributed by the moderators, the whole concept revolves around all list members contributing discussion material. Opinions and discussion from both sides of any issue or topic are welcomed here and should be temperate. Opinion or discussion directed at a member or members of this discussion group of a personal nature are not welcomed or appreciated on Helobubbas.

Appropriate topics for the “HeloBubbas” include all types of Aviation, the Naval Service and sister service issues associated with the military, warfare, equipment, people, intelligence, political (issues related to military), foreign military services, as well as actions and activities of foreign powers as they might affect the US military and their allies.  This list is not for purely political discussion nor are pure political topics welcome on this list.  The “HeloBubbas” is a closed and moderated discussion group. New members are invited by existing members of the “HeloBubbas” list or may request to join directly to the moderators of the HeloBubbas vis www.helobubbas.com . Members need only refer potential new members on their recommendation to the “HeloBubbas” moderators for an invitation to join the group or use the sign in information on the Helobubbas website,  https://www.helobubbas.com . Existing members can leave the “HeloBubbas List” at any time using normal list procedures or by sending a note to the moderator.

The moderator for the “HeloBubbas” is CDR Michael G. Brattland, USN (Ret.), mgbrattland@gerlecreek.com